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Gift yourself some happiness

Gift yourself some happiness

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It’s a little bit of a bleak and beige start to the week today.  Monday’s can be hard at the best of times so if you are feeling a little blue we have the perfect ‘pick-you up’.  Send a gift!  No honestly – this isn’t a marketing ploy, research has shown that often the biggest gain from the gift giving process is seen subconsciously in the giver rather than the receiver!

Psychologists are quick to point out that giving to others reinforces our feelings for them making us feel effective and caring whilst people who stop giving gifts lose out on important social cues.  Who features on your gift list tells you who is important in your life - it says who is more important and who is less important and from here we can better value our relationships

All interested parties from psychologists and anthropologists through to economists and marketers are weighing in on the gift giving debate.  Collectively they have found that giving gifts is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends.

The gift giving process does of course work both ways through delivering positive and negative message and as a study responder noted “I knew my marriage was over when my husband handed me a gift in a brown grocery bag”!!  Luckily here at Korora part of the delight in our gift boxes is the bespoke, timeless packaging that delivers each and every gift with an impressive dose of the wow factor. 

Another problem noted with gift giving is the frustration people experience dealing with crowds, traffic and commercialism often tempting individual to opt out of gift giving altogether.  Again, in the interest of your social wellbeing, we have that covered.  A few minutes browsing our easily navigated website (depending how entranced with our collection you get) and a few clicks will see you gift box ordered and soon on its way to the lucky recipient somewhere in NZ.  What’s more we fill our gift boxes with tried and tested luxuries that we know are not superfluous to needs but rather delightful treats to indulge and treat.

 Then you can simply sit back and bask in the feeling of goodness and pleasure derived from spoiling someone deserved. 


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