Charity Support

Naturally we want to be successful as a business, and like most people, have an eye watering mortgage, gas bills and 2 dogs that are affectionately known as money and drain (we do love them though, really).

However, we also recognize that there are a lot of people a lot worse off than us, people who have had bad luck, misfortune, sadness and loss.

Every trading year we promise to deliver a minimum of 15 gift boxes and gift baskets worth at least $2500 to our charities of choice. They can auction them, use them as raffle prizes or simply give them to the most deserving. It’s all about sharing the joy.

Finally, there really is a little blue penguin (Korora in Maori) who does live in New Zealand, is a rare and protected species and the smallest in the penguin family. We will ensure they are on our donations list for as long as we are in business. To find out more please read

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Charity Support